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Advanced Pyrotechnics LLC
P.O.BOX 908, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Tel: +971 2 492 7950
Fax: +971 2 492 7951

Location (Location Map, Security Gate pass / Important notes)

All visitors require a gate pass to be able to enter TIP.
Please coordinate with your point of contact to make the necessary arrangements.
A minimum of one day in advance we will require a copy of:

1. The names of all visitors to come onsite (including any drivers)
2. A copy of each passport photograph page
3. A copy of each passport Visa page
4. You will then be security screened and provided with a gate pass number.
In addition, kindly notify the concerned person if you need to have with you any of the following items during your visit to TIP:
Camera-equipped mobile phones
External hard-drives

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