Colored Smoke


Armed Forces, Special Forces, Law Enforcement Agencies and Rescue Teams have used various kinds of pyrotechnic smoke for decades for signaling purposes. Some of the applications of colored smoke are to locate troops for rescue forces, define wind direction and speed for helicopter landings, marking positions and boundaries or transmitting coded messages.

The APT product range of smoke applications includes different colors, various burning times and volumes and selectable ignition systems to meet the requirements for different operational situations.

Our designs fulfil the highest safety and environmental standards, for example the EU-REACH regulations (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) to ensure that users are not harmed by hazardous substances.

APT smoke grenades are water resistant and are delivered in seamless aluminium cans, corrosion and humidity protected, to ensure a long shelf-life.

The density, speed of deployment and burning duration of the smoke cloud can be adjusted. The grenades can be delivered in various diameters (44mm to 63mm) and heights, depending on customer specification. The standard burning time features ranges between 15 and 300 seconds.

The brilliant colored smoke clouds are based on organic dyes, which are environmentally friendly.

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