Screening Smoke


Camouflage is a crucial asset to protect operating forces in operation areas. The screening smoke should deploy very quickly and develop a density covering own Forces and mission critical objects completely in a minimum of time. High density and absolute reliability in all weather and humidity conditions are essential for the effective use of screening smoke.

Risk of fire and risks for health must be reduced to an absolute minimum.

APT offers a wide range of screening smoke solutions which generate solid white/grey smoke. Our smoke compositions react perfectly under dry cold as well as humid hot weather conditions, ensuring performance wherever the products are used. We are offering three different ignition systems: standard Fly-off lever, electrical or remote ignition. The standard Screening Smoke comes in weights between 300 to 500 grams. Based on specific requirements, customized versions in weights from 50 g to 10 kg can be also be delivered.

This flexibility serves various operational needs, such as covering small and locally defined spots up to very large areas like urban terrain, airfields, harbours entries and other critical infrastructure.

The design of components used give a low burning temperature, allowing the use of screening smoke even in dry areas or near important assets without the risk of fire. Placing the smoke generators on trucks, boats or other vehicles gives the user the opportunity to cover large areas without using special launcher systems.

Rapid deployment, extremely good coverage combined with hazard-free substances to protect the health of operational forces makes APT screening smoke solutions a first choice.

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