Stun Grenades

Stun grenades are essential in sensitive missions without causing any collateral damage to third parties, e.g., in hostage situations. This is achieved by the use of high-volume noise (bang, whistle) and/or high levels candela (flash, strobe-light), which immediately disorientates any person within the effective range.
Stun grenades are often used in the most stressful situations, making it essential that the operational use of the devices is safe under all conditions and circumstances. APT has created three types of venting systems for its stun grenades:
Side Vent system: Allows for modular adaptable units for flash and bang as well as for smoke and additional effects for incapacitating and marking.

Bottom Vent system: Allows for very safe handling and gives sound levels up to 170dBA. Possible effects of the bottom vent ejection system are whistling, sound, strobe light and flash. The bottom vent ejection system has the best operational efficiency when applied from above a crowd of aggressors. In addition, the pressure deflection system for the bottom vent concept increases safety and flexibility. 

Electronic Delay system: The device can produce up to seven separate bangs (or all ignited at the same time). Any combination with visual effects or the use of special effects and chemicals is possible.